Twelve Quiet Men

“This is not just a story about the vigilantes; it is a story about life in the West. In 350 pages, author Little brings the West to life. His extensive research includes descriptions that take us back to the days when cattle grazed the open range in what is now eastern Montana and western North Dakota… Little doesn’t shy from exciting buildups to the raids and graphic descriptions of the killings, so this isn’t a novel for the squeamish. While this is a historical novel, remember that the dialog is made up, crafted from history and based on real events. Those who enjoy true stories, Western novels and tales of justice should enjoy this fine book that details a relatively unknown piece of how the West was won.” – Bismark Tribune

When he was 16, author Michael Edward Little met a ranchman who told him that Montana used to be overrun with robbers, rustlers, and other outlaws. He said finally cattlemen grew tired of having their cattle and horses stolen, so some joined a vigilante posse of cowboys who chased the outlaws down and destroyed them. He’d never heard about it and waited for years for someone to write a book or make a movie about it, but nothing happened.

In 2000, he moved to North Dakota where he has relatives. Once there, he remembered what the ranchman said almost 40 years earlier and wondered if it was true. So he decided to investigate. He spent a year in Montana and North Dakota historical societies investigating vigilante cattlemen to see if what he had been told was the truth. After extensive research, he was able to confirm… And that was the origin of Twelve Quiet Men, which took him 10 years of writing and research to bring to this point.



















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